Our Process

EncapsUwaste UK has developed a novel technology which can be used to remove the heavy metal content from waste paint streams. This technology provides paint consumers with the required specialist disposal for their hazardous waste.

We use paint to make surroundings more appealing, protect wood from rotting, prevent metals from corroding, and for so much stuff. It helps to communicate a vision of ideas and ideologies. What remains uncommunicated, however, is the potential environmental and health effects it can have. Over 414 million litres of paint are sold in the UK each year (retail and trade), of which an estimated 80 million litres are landfilled or incinerated. Paint waste produced poses numerous threats to the environment because of its heavy metal content, which is hazardous even in low concentrations. It is known to be highly toxic to the wildlife, contaminate the food chain, pollutes groundwater if dumped underground, and if thrown into the trash, the waste contaminates recyclable materials, thus wasting valuable resources.

EncapsUwaste UK wishes to provide a safe, rapid, cost-effective method of treating hazardous waste without harming the environment. Preventing waste prevents pollution, keeping our world a safer place to live. In the end, partnering with EncapsUwaste, the community benefits, the environment benefits, and your company establishes itself as a law-abiding corporate citizen.